CLIENT: Wake Up With Me

Formulated to awaken & invigorate.

Logo design | Illustration | Pattern design | Package design | Typography | Hand lettering


Wake Up With Me is a line of natural, coffee based skincare products designed to awaken and invigorate. The products are all made and ethically sourced in Bali. When the client came to us, they had already been through three rounds of failed attempts from other designers with confidence that we could execute their visions. With their clientele in mind, Wake Up With Me wanted something illustrative and fun while making use of a repeat pattern that shows what makes each product unique. 


During the initial concepting process, we went through a variety of options. Some included bright colors and patterns- with bold, and eye catching pastels to represent each product. Others included intricate hand-drawn floral and coffee-inspired illustrations or striking black and white contrasts.


After all the concepting, WUWM decided on a minimal black and white package design for their brand. 

_MG_3623 1.jpg

Coffee & Cacao Masque

Made of pure cocoa powder, ground coffee and kaolin clay, this exfoliating mask was made to combat puffiness, sleepy faces, and dull skin. Mixed with a dash of jojoba oil and raw Javanese honey, it is ultra-hydrating to brighten and detoxify your face. 

Coconut & Coffee Body Scrub

This scrub is mixed with organic coconut sugar, luxurious coconut oil, sea salt from the shores of north Bali, and a splash of lavender. It is made to awaken your blood flow and reduce the appearance of pesky cellulite.

Raw Robusta Serum

Made of raw robusta coffee extract, aloe vera, and apricot kernel oil- this serum is formulated to nourish, hydrate and protect your face against pollution, UV and prevent signs of aging, puffiness and under-eye circles.


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