We are creative thinkers, problem solvers, and storytellers.


Our Motto

Undeniably eager.
Undoubtedly passionate. 
Uniquely, Sabik.

Sabik [sah-beek] Filipino (adj.); eager, feeling a desire


We believe the passion we have for our craft is unparalleled. (Yeah, we said it.) Packaging is what excites us, inspires us, and energizes us. There is nothing that brings us more joy than watching a brand come to life.

We understand the importance of design in order to make a product stand out on a shelf. It doesn't matter how tasty the product is on the inside, for consumers it's the packaging that is grabbing their attention. That’s where we come in. We believe brilliant packaging is a key component to success. Whether you are a start-up or an existing brand, our goal is to help our clients grow and get noticed through impactful and meaningful design. We are here to turn heads and create packaging that demands to be grabbed off the shelf. 

This is why we were built around the word eager. We are eager to create. We are eager to succeed. We are eager to evolve. We are eager to take on anything that comes our way. 

Our Office

We believe "the office" is an outdated term.

Board meetings have been replaced by video conference calls. Office pop-ins have been replaced by emails. USBs and overhead servers have been replaced by file sharing sites. The world is our "office". We maximize our creative potential by ensuring our minds are fully stimulated and inspired at all times. And that is how we create great work. A desk and a laptop are still a desk and a laptop, no matter the location. We float where the wind takes us; we go where our work brings us, and we are eager about it every step of the way.




Our Awards

Our packaging has been recognized worldwide by many of the top blogs and competitions. And we are always eager for more. 


Our Clients

We work with people who are just as passionate about their craft as we are about ours. 



Ancient Infusions
Auria's Malaysian Kitchen
Besteas Sparkling Tea
California Cookie Company
Chef Soraya
Fika Restaurant
Foxglove Restaurant
Good Crisp Company
Island Jacks
Izza Pops
Klements Sausages
Kore Culture Lab
Larosa's Pizzeria
Mellow Rooster
Mera Bites Cookies
Mezes by Chef Nikos
Microfood Indonesia
Mitas Restaurant
Mrs Pound Restaurant
Owen's Mixers
Pan's Mushroom Jerky
Prevail Jerky
Rejuven8 Superfood Bites
Rust Belt Pepper Co.
Salazar Restaurant
Secret Penida Cafe
Sorva Syrups
Sprinkles Cupcakes
Streetside Brewery
Telavera Tequilas
Tunnel Espresso
Victory Dance Foods
Yellowbird Sauces


Balsa Bags
Bon Vivant Leather Goods
Don Iris Jewelry
Feat Socks
Kenny Flowers
Loca Luna Jewelry
Nicole Ash
Stolen From My Sister
Wake Up With Me


Aria Exclusive Villas & Spa
Spa Connectors
Suarga Padang Padang Resort
Sundays Beach Club
The Ungasan Clifftop Resort
Vela Spa


Aaron Young Consulting
All 4 One Marketing
Bonnie Beauty App
Cher Ange Weddings
Coconuts Bali
Colorado Food Works
DesignBuild Cincy
EMI Research Solutions
Grün Academy
Hummingbird Landscaping
Laura Legend Fitness & Nutrition
Laura Jean Yoga
OnCor Capital
Pipit Communications
Saltwater She Said Yoga
Spectacle Strategy


Sabik was so fantastic to work with. From the logo design process all the way through to the packaging design, Sabik absolutely crushed it for BESTeas! Their vision, creative ability and passion are second to none. They were able to take our direction and run with it until we were able to hone in on a design that really captured what I wanted the brand to be.
— Kyle, founder of Besteas