CLIENT: Microfood Indonesia

Locally grown and sourced.

Logo design | Illustration | Package design | Typography | Hand lettering | Photography


Microfood Indonesia is a company founded in 2016 by Indonesian mother & daughter. They cultivate high-quality organic microgreens and other healthy food & beverages such as kombucha and kefir. Their mission is to deliver high quality microgreens and other fresh produce throughout Indonesia with affordable prices and international quality. Microfood's credibility has given them the privilege to stock some of the most well known restaurants and cooking shows (i.e. Iron Chef Indonesia) with the freshest microgreens. Our challenge was to create a logo that embodied the essence of the company while also creating cohesive packaging across their many products. 


Progress shots of initial sketching and concepting, from the logo to the packaging. 


Microfood has 2 greenhouses, one located in Bandung on the island of Java and the other located in Seminyak on the island of Bali. 


Each wreath of microgreens within the design was carefully arranged and photographed in house for the packaging. 


We also created their website to engage customers with an online presence. Check them out here:!